Proven Effective Internet Marketing for the Multi-housing Industry

November 2017   The market is beginning to feel the effects of the large amount of inventory added again this year. In the luxury segment the term glut is even being bandied about. Markets like NY, Denver, and Dallas are reporting not only and increase in inventory but an increase in vacancy rates.The middle and entry level segments are moderately competitive in comparison to the luxury market, but vacancy rates are beginning to creep up.

All Communities in this Increasingly Competitive Market Need to

  1. Generate Leads

  2. Reduce Marketing Costs

  3. Produce Immediate Results

RentLogic has a proven track record of generating leads while reducing marketing costs, producing immediate results. RentLogic is so confident in the success of the product, you can take advantage of a no-obligation day free trial. If at anytime during the trial period you are not happy with the quality of the leads being generated, you may cancel at no cost to you.

Rent Logic


  • Developes High-Impact Branded Ads to match your Website

  • RentLogic Pays for and Places all Internet Advertising.

  • RentLogic’s Software lets Clients Track Results in live-time

  • Customers ONLY pay for Results.

RentLogic’s innovative proprietary system combines the best computerized technology and human interaction. It strategically placies your high-impact customized ads, branded to match your website. at the top on leading sites where 84% of all renters find their next apartment.

Try RentLogic for a no-obligation 15 day trial! What have you got to lose?



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